Ways to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

After you have bought your favourite fruits and vegetables, now you need to store them well to prevent them from spoiling quickly. There are various things you can do to make your fruits last longer. Studies indicate that storing your fruits and vegetables in hot temperatures is among the top things that can make them spoil quickly. Therefore you need to create a serene environment for your fruits to last longer. Below are some of the best-recommended ways for storing your fruits and vegetables for them to last longer. Those ways include;

Give the fruits a hot bath

Some fruits like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries require one to hot bath them for proper storing. That is because when you keep your berries on your basket, there are high chances that they will develop some mouldy that makes them spoil quickly. For the people who use pesticides to enhance the freshness of the berries, it is essential to know that pesticides make your berries unsafe for your health. When hot bathing your berries, you need to ensure the temperature of the water you are using is about 126 °C and do the bathing for 30 seconds. For more information about fresh fruits delivery on cooldesac.com.

Keep some fruits in the refrigerator

Keeping some fruits like the guava, mangoes, apricots, kiwi, melons, papaya, bananas, and many more ina fridge is a great idea. That is because such fruits require low temperatures to prevent them from spoiling quickly. Some myths lingering around say that if you keep bananas on the fridge, they will spoil quickly. That is just a myth, and there is no proofofthe validity of those rumours. When keeping ripe banana on a refrigerator, ensure you put the bananas in a well-sealed bag before placing them.

Some of the other ways to help you keep your fruits and vegetables remain fresh for long include;

  • Always wrap green leafy before storing them
  • Keep lettuce and herbs on an ice bath to refresh them easily
  • Freeze some fruits and vegetables

By doing the above-listed things, you will increase the duration that your vegetables and fruits remain fresh.