Scott Reagent Test – Best Way To Stay Away From Fake Cocaine!

The increasing consumption of drugs like cocaine is harmful, but a more significant threat is the burgeoning duplicity in such drugs. People are buying cocaine from different sources without even confirming whether cocaine is real or not. Usually, cocaine is not pure as some other substances are mixed in it, but the main thing is that how much of mixing is done in them.

To check the mixing percentage and purity, you can conduct a Scott Reagent test on a tiny sample of cocaine. It will change color, and you can calculate its purity on the basis of color obtained after the test. A complete kit is available for this test in the market, and with it, you can check the quality of cocaine at your home. For more ideal details about hofmann testing kit, visit on

What is included in the Scott Reagent test kit?

Instruction card

  • There are different things available in a Scott Reagent test kit, and some of them are listed below;
  • The first and most useful thing that you will find in the Scott Reagent test kit is the instruction card.
  • You must read the instruction card before conducting the test as it has all the vital information relates to storage, handling, color reaction changes, etc.

Required Equipment

  • You cannot conduct a Scott Reagent test if you don’t have all the necessary equipment.
  • The Scott Reagent testing kit has all the important equipment such as a pill, bottle which is child-safe, testing spoon, reaction Vial, and some attractive promotional items.
  • This equipment makes the testing highly convenient for you and ensures that you are safe while performing the test.

Contact info and details

  • Along with all the necessary materials, you will also get contact details in the kit.
  • You can use the contact details to communicate at any time for any doubts, questions, comments, etc.