Spice Up Your Locket Necklace: The Tips on How to Wear Your Locket Necklace

Locket necklaces are one of the most favorite accessories and jewelry that anyone could have. Mainly because they have so much meaning to it. However, wearing them constantly, in the same manner, can be boring.

With this, let’s spice it up a little bit more. Down below are some of the tips that you can do to wear your locket necklace in a more fashionable and eye-catching manner.


One of the most common ways to spice up your locket necklace is by layering.  Layering your locket with other thinner necklaces can help your locket stand out even more.  When layering your locket necklaces with other pieces, make sure that the designs of the necklaces and pendants don’t clash. That way, your locket will continue to stand out even if it is layered with the other 2 or three necklaces.

Size Matters

Whether you are layering your locket necklace or wearing it as a stand-alone, always consider the size of the locket necklace pendant. If you want to create a bold statement with the use of your locket necklace, opt for a bigger pendant. That way, it is a lot more visible with a bigger size.

Coordinate all your jewelry

Another tip that you should consider when wearing your locket necklace is coordination. You need to coordinate all the staple jewelry that you will be using for a certain look. Too many accessories can overpower the aesthetics of a locket necklace. Aside from that, you need to match the color of the metals, too. That way, all your jewelry will just slowly go with the flow with your current look. If you are curious to know more about bff gold filled necklace, check here.

Solid Colored Shirts

Another way of making your locket necklace eye catchy is by using a solid, colored shirt. The solid color allows the pendant of your locket pendant to stand out more. Darker colors are also a perfect contrast to metals whenever you wear your locket necklace as stand-alone.

These are just some of the tips on how to wear a locket necklace. Tell us your experience in spicing up your locket pendant. Make sure to comment down below and tell us how you were able to make your locket necklace standout in the crowd.