The Fine-Tuning Whetstone Tool: The Umimi Professional Sharpening Stone

If you are looking for a finer grit for your kitchen knives, then you must have been torn on choosing the best one. with this in mind, we are going to introduced one of the best whetstones that you often see in many whetstones how to buy articles. Ladies and gentlemen, the UmimiProfesional Sharpening Stone

The Umimi Professional Sharpening Stone

Unlike the other whetstones in the market, the Umimi sharpening stone is made from corundum. It is highly durable and can work with any type of edge, except the ceramic ones. The Umimi comes with a 2000/6000 coarse grit.  This grit allows you to fine-tune your knives, but it cannot salve very dull and chipped off knives.  Aside from that, the Umami is longer compared to its other counterparts in the market, it comes around 7 inches tall which is perfect for kitchen knives and other cutlery


One of the features that you can see in this whetstone is its safety feature. The Umimi comes with a nonslip silicone base. This base keeps the whetstone from moving back and forth when using it. aside from that, the silicone base sticks better on many smooth surfaces.

Aside from the silicone base, its materials used is also durable. Unlike its other whetstone counterparts in the market, this whetstone is highly durable and friction and heat resistant. You also don’t have to worry about corrosion.  This is because corundum doesn’t really corrode. It is a sweet investment if you wish to get a durable and effective whetstone to fine-tune your knives. If you want to get more details about whetstone how to buy, you may visit on

Lastly, this whetstone is easy to maintain. You don’t need to use oil or other materials to maintain it. You just need to wash it clean, air dries it, then store it safely in its place.

If you are looking for a whetstone to help you fine-tune your knives, then opt for the Umimi Sharpening Stone. It is durable, it is cheap but does the job 100% perfect!