As we have mentioned this many times previously, we have created this blog to share our experience, knowledge and of course, to raise awareness of the bad situation some families are living now. The message that we want to share with people is to support people who live in Maine however you can, it doesn’t have to be a financial support. People living in Maine will appreciate any type of help that they get from you, so feel free to do something good for other people. If you are not in a bad financial state, then you should donate to a family that needs that money more than anyone else. This will give you an experience that you have never felt before. Helping other people is one of the greatest things that you can do in life. We have successfully saved a huge number of struggling families all over Maine.




“As you might know, living in Maine is not the best life or a dream of someone. I and my family were struggling for a really long time just to survive, but thanks to Maine support we were saved.”


“My family and I will be forever thankful for everyone who helped us and other families living in Maine both financially and morally, it is really nice to know that people care.”  



“At one moment, I thought that my life will end in Maine because I didn’t have any money to buy food or water, thanks to Maine support network, I can now live a normal life.”  



“One of the best feelings in my life was when I realized that people from around the world were ready to help out us living in Maine and struggling to survive.”